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Orphan Song ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Sean Dixon
Director: Richard Rose


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


March 27th, 2022 – April 24th, 2022


“In a lightning strike of inspiration, I claimed another child”

40,027 BCE (when the average human could count to five), a grief stricken Homo-Sapien couple adopts a Neanderthal child. But language separates parents and child only to then separate mother and father – how do we love when we can’t communicate?

With that, a mythic journey of danger and sacrifice ensues to connect to the Neanderthals and to protect the child at all costs.

A heroic tale of clashing cultures and how the bonds of family are truly formed. (


Heather Marie Annis Neanderthals / Carrion Bird Body / Good People / Young Neanderthal Woman / Mammoth / Blackbirds / Hyena
Beau Dixon Gorse
Philippa Domville Chorus (Swing)
Sophie Goulet Mo
Phoebe Hu Neanderthals / Dog / Rabbit / Mammoth / Blackbirds / Hyena 3 / Carrion Bird Body 2
Germaine Konji Neanderthals / Good People Woman / Hedgehog 2 / Mammoth / Blackbirds
Ahmed Moneka Neanderthals / Carrion Bird Wing / Good People Man 2 / Toad / Mammoth / Blackbirds / Hyena 2 / Another Hedgehog
Lowen Morrow Child / Chicky
Kaitlyn Riordan Neanderthals / Good People / Hedgehog 1 / Mammoth / Blackbirds / Moon
Terry Tweed Gran
Daniel Williston Neanderthals / Carrion Bird Wing / Good People Man 1 / Bear / Mammoth / Blackbirds

Creative Team

Sean Dixon Playwright
Richard Rose Director
Graeme Thomson Set Designer
Charlotte Dean Costume Designer
Juliet Palmer Music Director
Juliet Palmer Sound Designer


Lowen Morrow Puppet Master
Phoebe Hu Music Captain
Phoebe Hu Puppet Captain
Sandy Plunkett Stage Manager
Alysse Szatkowski Apprentice Stage Manager
Sara Ahmadieh Head Scenic Painter
Sebastian Cox Scenic Paint Assistant


Theresa Cutknife Producer
Gerry Egan Production Manager
Kai Masaoka Technical Director
Julia Hodgson-Surich Head of Wardrobe
Andrew Chute Head Carpenter
Karen Elizabeth Mainspace Technician
Fina MacDonell Property Master
Tim Hill Property Master