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Mr. Marmalade ()

Produced by

Outside the March Theatre Company

Playwright: Noah Haidle
Director: Mitchell Cushman


Holy Family Catholic School


July 16th, 2012 – July 28th, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2013 Dora Award Winner – Outstanding Production

2013 Dora Award Nominee – Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Performance – Female (Amy Keating), Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Scenic Design, Outstanding Costume Design


Comparable to an episode of Rugrats on LSD, MR. MARMALADE centers around Lucy, aged four, and her abusive relationship with her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade, a violent, degenerate, sex-obsessed drug-addict. Through its darkly comic lens, the play explores the way in which children are being socialized and sexualized at a younger and younger age in our media-inundated culture.



Amy Keating Lucy
Philip Riccio Mr. Marmalade
Ishai Buchbinder Larry
Sébastien Heins Bradley
Katherine Cullen Sookie/Emily/Sunflower
Jason Chinn Bob/George/Cactus
Julie Tepperman Audience Guide

Creative Team

Noah Haidle Playwright
Mitchell Cushman Director
Jon Grosz Designer


Simon Bloom Producer
Sarah Miller-Garvin Stage Manager
Bryn McLeod Production Assistant
Chloe Cushman Poster Illustration and Design