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That Syncing Feeling ()

Produced by

Outside the March Theatre Company

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwrights: Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe and Simon Bloom and Richard Lam
Director: Simon Bloom


The Lab – 3rd Floor


August 6th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


A technological tandem that will leave your brain buzzing louder than your cellphone! That Syncing Feeling is divided into two, connected experiences, downloaded into one immersive evening: Tethered Together (30 minutes): an intimate and anonymous one-on-one experience that brings you and a stranger together by breaking down barriers of intimacy – using only your cellphones. I Wish I Was Lonely (60 minutes): a no-holds-barred game of technological truth or dare that questions whether “being connected” is the same as actually connecting with another human being. (


Alex McCooeye Performer ("I Wish I Was Lonely")
Nicola Elbro Performer ("I Wish I Was Lonely")
Sébastien Heins Narrator ("Tethered Together")

Creative Team

Hannah Jane Walker Playwright ("I Wish I Was Lonely")
Chris Thorpe Playwright ("I Wish I Was Lonely")
Simon Bloom Playwright ("Tethered Together")
Richard Lam Playwright ("Tethered Together")
Simon Bloom Director ("Tethered Together")
Richard Lam Sound Designer ("Tethered Together")
Alex McCooeye Additional Writing Content ("I Wish I Was Lonely:")
Nicola Elbro Additional Writing Content ("I Wish I Was Lonely:")


Bryn McLeod Stage Manager ("I Wish I Was Lonely")
Lauren Walsh-Greene Lab Assistant ("I Wish I Was Lonely")
Mitchell Cushman Producer