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The Baby ()

Produced by

The Wadsworth Family Collective

Playwright: Dan Spurgeon
Director: Dan Spurgeon

Adapted from the screenplay by Abe Polsky


The Storefront Theatre


October 15th, 2015 – November 1st, 2015


THE BABY follows social worker Ann Gentry as she finds herself with a very unusual case – the Wadsworth family, whose youngest member, Baby, is an adult man who sleeps in a crib and acts like an infant. Is Ann on the case to help the disabled Baby escape his abusive mother and sisters, or is her interest in him more “special”? Part bizarre love story, part twisted fairy tale, part mystery thriller and all outrageous and offensive, the 70s cult film comes to the stage with a story so strange and shocking, you won’t believe it’s happening right in front of you! (Show Facebook Event)


Alicia Richardson Alba
Jeanie Calleja Ann Gentry
Frank Blocker Mama Wadsworth
Claire Burns Germaine
Jeff Dingle Baby
Nicholas Porteous Foley
Candi Zell Judith
Olivia Marshman Babysitter
Paul Rivers Doctor
Daniel Cristofori Party Guest
Alex Dault Dennis

Creative Team

Abe Polsky Original Screenplay Author
Dan Spurgeon Playwright
Dan Spurgeon Director
Holly Lloyd Costumes
Dan Spurgeon Sound Designer
Joseph Patrick Lighting Designer
Charles McWilliam Sets
Olivia Marshman Choreographer


Courtney Pyke Production Manager
Murphy Diggon Stage Manager
Raphael Prudencio Assistant Stage Manager
Neel Boyett Music Advisor
Lin-Mei Lay Technical Director
Drew Blakeman Producer
Angela McQueen Wigs and Makeup
Jana Wimer Original Panel Design
Brad Gregg Graphic Designer
Nicole Larkin Graphic Designer
Kenneth Allen Website Design