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The First Stone ()

Produced by

New Harlem Productions and The Great Canadian Theatre Company

Presented by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Director: Yvette Nolan


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


October 6th, 2022 – October 23rd, 2022


An epic exploration of history, war, and forgiveness, The First Stone delves into the exploitation of child abductees, the communities from which these children are stolen, the determination to bring them home, and the hard road to reconciliation that follows. Through poetry and song, this world-premiere production follows one family’s effort to reunite, measuring the cost of holding on, and of letting go. (


Tsholo Khalema Ancestor
Michael-Lamont Lytle Grandad
Uche Ama Auntie
Dorothy A. Atabong Mom
Makambe K. Simamba Girl
daniel jelani ellis Boy
Nawa Nicole Simon Uma
Courage Bacchus Ancestor Echo
Paul Smith Kidogo
Taija Shonée Chung Chorus
Gloria Mampuya Chorus
Kendelle Parks Chorus
Megan Legesse Chorus
Tavaree Daniel-Simms Chorus
Willow Martin Chorus

Creative Team

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard Playwright
Yvette Nolan Director
Indrit Kasapi Production Choreographer
Pulga Muchochoma Associate Choreographer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Maddie Bautista Sound Designer
Maddie Bautista Composer
Maddie Bautista Choir Director
River Cecil Oliveira Associate Sound Designer
Cameron Davis Projection
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Jackie Chau Prop Designer
Jackie Chau Design Mentor
Sarah Yuen Design Mentee
Des’ree Gray Costume Designer


Sarah O’Brien Stage Manager
Heather Bellingham Assistant Stage Manager
Alison Wong Producer
Charissa Wilcox Production Manager
Shanae Sodhi Production Associate
Darren Shaen Show Crew
Kit Norman Show Crew
Al Thomson-Hall Install and Strike Crew
Amber Pattison Install and Strike Crew
Diamond Srey Install and Strike Crew
El Patey Install and Strike Crew
Frank Incer Install and Strike Crew
Katherine Teed-Arthur Install and Strike Crew
Mathew Lisk Install and Strike Crew
Matt Armour Install and Strike Crew
Michael Grdosic Install and Strike Crew
Samira Banihashemi Install and Strike Crew
Van Ward Install and Strike Crew
Zev Shoag Install and Strike Crew
Edith Nataprawira Scenic Painter
Sarah Waisvisz Chorus Consultant


Rebecca Vandevelde Production Manager
Conrad McLaren Technical Director