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Antigone Dead People ()

Produced by

Small Wooden Shoe and Theatreworks Productions

Playwright: Evan Webber
Director: Jacob Zimmer


The Tranzac Club – The Main Hall


October 18th, 2012 – October 19th, 2012


It’s an Antigone that hinges on reasonable accommodation and terrorism. That asks real – difficult, tragic – questions about our capacity to deal with migration and difference. A contemporary mythic Antigone that is as ambiguous, complex and painful as politics, family and death actually are. The production is for a community hall. Rough and stunning. Scale and grassroots. With beautiful costumes and the kind of embedded technology we all live with – a layering of pre-recorded and live voice,  noises and music, with flat screen live feed television. A world of mediatized politics, constant surveillance, a robot tank and uncertain realities .

It’s an Antigone performed by ghosts. The ghosts of the characters of Antigone. Ghosts who, after two thousand years of enacting their stories over and over – stories of rebellion and death, of  “the strangers at the gates”, of generational conflict and civil wars –these ghosts begin to wonder what would happen if they could tell a different story. (


Maev Beaty Antigone
Philip Shepherd Creon
Liz Peterson Ismene
Frank Cox-O’Connell Haemon
Sean Dixon Polynixes
Antonio Cayonne Guard
Sky Gilbert Mourner
Lindsey Clark Apprentice Mourner

Creative Team

Evan Webber Playwright
Jacob Zimmer Director
Leora Morris Associate Director
Christopher Willes Sound Designer
Trevor Schwellnus Scenography
Trevor Schwellnus Video
Vanessa Fischer Costumes
K. Scott Maynard Vocal Arrangements
K. Scott Maynard Vocal Direction


Marcie Januska Stage Manager
Matt Smith Voice Recording
J.P. Robichaud Producer
Adrian Proszowski Theatreworks Productions
Erika Hennebury Advocate
Mark Loeser Documentation
Erika Jacobs Documentation
Vanessa Janiszewski Props
Leanne McDonald Room Decoration