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Don’t Wake Me ()

Produced by

UnSpun Theatre

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Directors: Brendan Gall and Chris Hanratty

Created by the company.


Factory Studio Theatre


August 4th, 2006 – August 13th, 2006


James, the victim of a mysterious and vicious attack, has lost his vision. But at night, his dreamscape becomes a world filled with sex, with adventure, with hope. James meets a beautiful singer who swears that she can help him – and he follows her into the dark, uneasy underbelly of a strange city. It is only here, James finds, that the questions surrounding his monstrous attack can at last be answered… (


John Cleland Hammer / The Fedora
Kate Hewlett Alice / Trumpet
Christopher Stanton James
James Cade Voice
Tricia Lahde Voice
Geoffrey Pounsett Voice
Chris Hanratty Voice

Creative Team

Chris Hanratty Co-Creator
Brendan Gall Co-Creator
Kate Hewlett Co-Creator
Christopher Stanton Co-Creator
Brendan Gall Director
Chris Hanratty Director
Mike McPhaden Dramaturge
Chris Hanratty Set Designer
Chris Hanratty Sound Designer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer


Emily Kulasa Stage Manager
Christopher Stanton Poster / Program Design
Lisa Stanton Photos