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The Sound of Cracking Bones / Le Bruit Des Os Qui Craquent ()

Produced by

Pleiades Theatre

Presented by

Theatre Passe Muraille

Playwright: Suzanne Lebeau
Director: John Van Burek
Translators: Julia Duchesne and John Van Burek


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


February 14, 2015, 2015


March 7th, 2015 – February 28th, 2015


The Sound of Cracking Bones is the story of thirteen-year-old Elikia, a resilient, courageous girl who leads innocent eight-year old Joseph on a harrowing escape through the jungle toward a hoped-for freedom.

Set in a war-torn country, which could be in Africa, Latin America or South Asia, the story takes us to the very heart of Elikia and Joseph’s life as child soldiers caught in the grip of ruthless warlords.

Their story is later brought to light by Angelica, the nurse who rescued and cared for them, as she testifies before a tribunal charged with examining the issue of child soldiers.

It’s only because of her testimony that the reality of these children – like so many others’ – is revealed to us. In turn, we see how the comfort of distance and time can dilute empathy with indifference.

Unsettling yet life-affirming, The Sound of Cracking Bones is an intimate portrayal of a global issue. (


Patricia Cano Angelica
Caity Quinn Joseph
Harveen Sandhu Elikia

Creative Team

Suzanne Lebeau Playwright
John Van Burek Director
Julia Duchesne Translator
John Van Burek Translator
Teresa Przybylski Set
Teresa Przybylski Costumes
Jason Hand Lighting Designer
Debashis Sinha Composer
Nicolas Van Burek Fight Choreographer


Marie-Claude Valiquet Stage Manager
Patrick Lavender Production Manager
Dale Yim Production Manager
Dylan Bobier Costume Assistant
Cylla von Tiedemann Photographer
Andrey Tarasiuk Producer


David Fisher Venue Technician
Jason Golinsky Production Manager
Rebecca Vandevelde Associate Production Manager
Kaitlin Hickey Associate Production Manager