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Heaven Above Heaven Below ()

Produced by

Duchess Productions and Theatre Passe Muraille

Playwright: Linda Griffiths
Director: Karen Hines


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


November 14th - 16th, 2013


November 14th, 2013 – December 7th, 2013


Twenty years after dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, a couple run into each other at the wedding of a mutual friend.  Her boyfriends couldn’t make it.  His wife and young son are in bed.  They meet in her room.  There is wine, then scotch, then weed, then coke, then sex.

Linda Griffiths told the first half of the story in her play The Darling Family, which shocked and moved Theatre Passe Muraille audiences in 1991.  If The Darling Family was last rites, Heaven Above Heaven Below is the wake. (


Linda Griffiths He
Layne Coleman She
Nicky Guadagni She, Understudy

Creative Team

Linda Griffiths Playwright
Karen Hines Director
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Kimberly Purtell Set Designer
Greg Morrison Music Consultant
Georgina Beaty Assistant Director
Rae Johnson Oil Painting


Peter Sherk Stage Manager
Josh Hoodless Crew
Cory MacMillan Crew
Rebecca Vandevelde Crew


Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Jason Golinsky Production Manager