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The Rake’s Progress: Do You Know Where Tom Rakewell Is? ()

Produced by


Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwrights: Cathy Murphy and Autumn Smith
Director: Autumn Smith

Adapted from the opera by Igor Stravinsky & the original paintings by William Hogarth


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 7th, 2009 – January 17th, 2009


Bruce Beaton Nick Shadow
David Christo Tom Rakewell
Tom Bates Jack Harris
Cathy Murphy Miss South
Julie Tepperman Anne Trulove
Eli Ham Trulove / William Douglas: Duke of Queensbury & Lord Piccadilly / Hirling Man of Honour / Guard / Highwayman / Male Inmate
Rob Bird Leathercote / Musician / Money Lender / Warden
Dana Vranic Betsey Carless / Musician / Female Inmate One
Viv Moore Mother Goose / Baba the Turk / Female Inmate Two
Christopher Stanton Sellem / Gambler / Male Inmate

Creative Team

Cathy Murphy Playwright
Autumn Smith Playwright
Autumn Smith Director
Lisa Renee Reed Costume Designer
Grant Hutchinson Set Designer
Aaron Kelly Lighting Designer
JR Grassby Prop Designer


Michael Galloro Stage Manager
Jason Golinsky Production Manager