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It’s A Wonderful Toronto: The Rob Ford Holiday Spectacular! ()

Produced by

It’s a Wonderful Co-Op and Theatre Passe Muraille

Playwright: Matt Baram
Director: Chris Earle

Story by: Matt Baram and Brandon Firla


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


December 11th, 2012 – December 22nd, 2012


It’s the dress rehearsal of The Rob Ford Christmas Special titled, It’s a Wonderful Toronto: The Rob Ford Holiday Spectacular!  and Mayor Ford is  having doubts about the material.  He thinks the various sketches and songs that he’s been given show him in a negative light. Which begs the question: There’s a positive light? When Ford becomes convinced that the show is not only going to tank but smear his political career, he threatens to jump from the balcony of the theatre and end it all. (


Paul Bates Rob Ford
Brandon Firla Dan
Aurora Browne Jane Ann
Ashley Botting Cassie
Jenna Warriner Krista

Creative Team

Matt Baram Playwright
Chris Earle Director
Matt Baram Lyricist
Waylen Miki Lyricist
Waylen Miki Composer
Peter Cavell Music Director
Rob Bartlett Sound Designer
Kevin Hutson Lighting Designer
Kurt Firla Graphic Designer
Kurt Firla Slideshow Creator


Rob Bartlett Stage Manager


Colin Harris House Technician
Jason Golinsky Production Manager