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Victoria Urquhart

Victoria Urquhart

Director, Dramaturge, Marketing, Outside Eye, Performer, Producer


The Girl in the Photograph () Director
Teach Me () Director
Transit Diaries () Director


Teach Me () Dramaturge

Marketing Director

Dear Uncle Wish () Marketing Director

Outside Eye

2 Robs, 1 Cup: What Happens When You're Done Eating Shit? () Creative Consultant / Outside Eye


Stories From the Fringe () Performer
"Grab 'Em by the Pussy" or How To Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb () Performer
Waiting for Alonzo () Doctor Zanita
Julius Caesar Project () Caius Cassius
Transit Diaries () Chorus
Macbeth () Gentlewoman
The Vagina Monologues () Ensemble


Julius Caesar Project () Producer