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Macbeth ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Jeremy Hutton


Hart House Theatre


November 9th, 2011 – November 26th, 2011


Murder, betrayal, & the supernatural take centre stage in this timeless epic, which creeps under the skin & lays bare the dangers of ambition & the corruption of power. (


William Foley Macbeth
Jackie Rowland Lady Macbeth
Peter Higginson Duncan
Chris George Malcolm
Cameron Laurie Donalbain / Young Siward
John Fray Banquo / Old Siward
Phillip Psutka Fleance / Loon
Mischa Aravena MacDuff
Darwin Lyons Lady Macduff
Ian Hanson Young Macduff
David J. Phillips Lennox
Spencer Robson Ross
David DiFrancesco Angus
Jim Armstrong Caithness / Murderer 2
Michael McLeister Porter / Old Man / Doctor
Chad Thurlow Sergeant / Seyton
Susan Q Wilson Witch 1
Claire Acott Witch 2
Annemieke Wade Witch 3
Victoria Urquhart Gentlewoman
Romaine Waite Servant / Murderer 1
Maja Rakocevic Servant

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Jeremy Hutton Director
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Melanie McNeill Set Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Simon Rossiter Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Jeremy Hutton Fight Choreographer
Carter West Assistant Director
Kristan Klimczak Assistant Set Designer
Jaclyn Zaltz Head of Properties


Keely O’Farrell Stage Manager
Ashleigh Powell Movement Coach
Mona Elayyan Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Macnaughton Assistant Stage Manager
Cassandra Mordue Assistant Stage Manager
Ellen Ross Stuart Assistant Stage Manager
Phillip Psutka Fight Captain
Dallas Card Production Assistant
Luke LaRocque Production Assistant
Reg Matson Show Control Operator
Scott Evely Carpenter


Brian Campbell Technical Director
Christopher Hains House Technician