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Camille: The Story ()

Produced by

Au-delà du visuel

Presented by

Theatre Passe Muraille

Playwrights: Audrey-Anne Bouchard and Marc-André Lapointe
Director: Audrey-Anne Bouchard


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


May 10th, 2024 – May 12th, 2024


Camille: The Story is an immersive performance designed to engage all of the senses—except sight. After his close friend Camille’s departure, Pierre navigates her absence and revisits memories that take shape through movement, smell and sound.

Grounded both in the real and the surreal, the story sheds light on Pierre’s emotional journey as he faces the loss of a meaningful friendship and tries to create ties with new people. Camille: The Story offers a sensory experience that is accessible to people who are Blind, Low Vision, or sighted. Sighted and Low Vision audience members will be asked to wear a blindfold for the duration of the work. (


Peter Farbridge Performer
Marijoe Foucher Performer
Alexandra Laferrière Performer
Laurie-Anne Langis Performer
Marc-André Lapointe Performer
Alice Denton Voice Artist
Evan Bassinette Voice Artist
Leni Parker Voice Artist

Creative Team

Audrey-Anne Bouchard Playwright
Marc-André Lapointe Playwright
Audrey-Anne Bouchard Director
Alexis Diamond Translator
Laurie-Anne Langis Choreographer
Marijoe Foucher Choreographer
Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre Set Designer
Diana Uribe Set Designer
Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre Costume Designer
Diana Uribe Costume Designer
Joseph Browne Sound Designer
Rob Denton Sound Designer
Joseph Browne Composer
Rob Denton Composer
Sarah Gagné Assistant Director
Denise Beaudry Creation Collaborator
Audrey-Anne Bouchard Art Mediation and Moderation
Emma Tibaldo Translation Dramaturgical Support


Sarah Gagné Stage Manager
Étienne Mongrain Vaillancourt Technical Director
Audrey-Anne Bouchard Producer
Marc-André Lapointe Communications Assistant
Marc-André Lapointe Social Media
Anne-Sophie Tougas Art Mediation Consultant
Rob Denton Audio Recording Engineer
Valérie Cusson Development and Programming Consultant
Arianna Bardesono Directing Mentor
Pascal Brullemans Playwrighting Mentor
Émilie Martz-Khun Playwrighting Mentor


David Fisher Mainspace Technician
Aidan Hammond Production Manager
Olivia Zotti Production Coordinator