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Helen Monroe

Collaborator, Consultant, Coordinator, Director, Intern, Production Assistant, Prop Designer, Properties Crew, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Crew

Apprentice Stage Manager

Peace River Country () Apprentice Stage Manager

Assistant Director

Girls Like That () Assistant Director
Hamlet () Assistant Director
Sequence () Assistant Director
The Postman () Assistant Director
Entitlement () Assistant Director


Trace () Artistic Input


Cowboy Mouth () Dramaturgical Consultant


The Postman () Able to Deliver Coordinator

Costume Coordinator

Entitlement () Costume Coordinator


Bette Davis Eyes () Director


Avaricious () Artistic Intern

Production Assistant

The Life Of Jude () Production Assistant

Prop Designer

The Clean House () Prop Designer

Properties Crew

Avaricious () Properties

Props Builder

Avaricious () Props

Props Supervisor

Trace () Properties Management

Wardrobe Mistress

The Clean House () Wardrobe Manager