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The Clean House ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Sarah Ruhl
Director: Ali Joy Richardson


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


April 7th, 2017 – April 22nd, 2017


After the unusual death of her parents, aspiring comedian Matilde moves from Brazil to Connecticut to clean the house of married doctors. When the husband falls in love with a patient, the household is thrown into a messy (and sometimes magical) whirlwind of hilarity and heartache.   (


Marina Moreira Matilde
Andrea Irwin Lane
Annemieke Wade Virginia
Lilia Leon Ana
Neil Silcox Charles

Creative Team

Sarah Ruhl Playwright
Ali Joy Richardson Director
Steph Raposo Lighting Designer
Orly Zebak Set Designer
Nevada Banks Assistant Director
Nick Potter Sound Designer
Helen Monroe Prop Designer
Neil Silcox Projection Designer
Sam Gaetz “Surgery” Composition


Lizz Armstrong Stage Manager
Steph Raposo Production Manager
Laura Jabalee Johnston Producer
Helen Monroe Wardrobe Manager
Bryn Kennedy Assistant Stage Manager
Giovanna Pandullo Assistant Stage Manager
Giovanna Pandullo Running Crew
Bryn Kennedy Running Crew
Lucy McPhee Production Assistant
Neil Silcox Trailer Videographer
Tina McCulloch Alumnae Production Liason
Tina McCulloch Marketing
Tina McCulloch Publicity
Tina McCulloch Social Media
Teresa Bottaro Marketing
Teresa Bottaro Publicity
Teresa Bottaro Social Media
Carina Cojeen Marketing
Carina Cojeen Publicity
Carina Cojeen Social Media
Claren Grosz Marketing
Claren Grosz Publicity
Claren Grosz Social Media
Catherine Spence Front of House Manager
Mairy Beam Reservations Manager
Bruce Peters Production Photography
Suzanne Courtney Poster and Postcard Design