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Take It Back ()

Produced by

Solid State Breakdance

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Choreographers: JoDee Allen and Helen Simard


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 7th, 2009 – January 18th, 2009


With “Take it Back”, Solid State asks the question, “Why don’t we dance in couples anymore?” It comes down to the idea that someone must lead and the other must follow. The popularization among urban youth of dancing in mass groups or the soloing format of street forms has created an environment where we dance how we want. Everyone is a leader. Who is willing to follow? In an attempt to create a partner dance for our generation, JoDee Allen and Helen Simard have paired the high physicality of B-boying (Breakdance) with the partnering structures of Lindy Hop (Swing) and the gestural abstractions of Contemporary Dance. The result is a humourous yet profound look at our societal issues with trust, and the shift in our perception of gender roles. (Show Facebook Event)


JoDee Allen Performer
Christian Garmatter Performer
Milan Panet-Gigon Performer
Helen Simard Performer

Creative Team

JoDee Allen Choreographer
Helen Simard Choreographer
Robin Dutt Lighting Designer
Jo Leslie Rehearsal Directon
Mathieu Leroux Rehearsal Director
Alain Wong Rehearsal Director
Roger White Original Music
Ted Yates Original Music


Robin Dutt Stage Manager


Dan Gallo Venue Technician