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HONK, If You Can Hear Me! ()

Produced by


Playwright: Laura Burns
Director: Alexandra Seay

Presented as a double-bill with Even Better Living (2009)


Bread and Circus


May 21st, 2009 – May 25th, 2009


HONK, If You Can Hear Me! follows four characters as they begin their mornings, getting into their cars and onto their cell phones (safety first, kids!) Their conversations interweave, creating a symphony of voices and overlapping stories. Traffic builds. Overseen by an omnipotent spiritual switchboard operator, the characters’ lives come together, and come to a stop, forcing them to confront the problems they’ve been driving away from. (


Josh Weale Goldie
Robin Archer Eddie
James Gangl Larry
Elizabeth Helmers Sharon
Laura Burns Natalie

Creative Team

Laura Burns Playwright
Alexandra Seay Director
Tom Baranski Lighting Designer


Sandi Becker Stage Manager
Akiva Romer-Segal Graphic Designer