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Dreamwalker Dance Company

Artistic Director: Andrea Nann

General Manager: Jessa Agilo

Dreamwalker Dance Company celebrates artistic expression.  Our vision is to foster inclusiveness and connectivity in the experience of creating and appreciating art and we use movement and choreography as the basis for collaboration and dialogue between our diverse artists and our diverse public.  Our work is process driven, guided by the parameters of each unique project while fueling investigation, playfulness, freedom of expression, singularity, and virtuosity. We have developed an expansive repertoire and a unique process for inclusive creative engagement that opens communication between individuals whether they are collaborating artists, audiences or groups representing our various communities.  Our strength is in bringing different people together to share art, stories, life experiences and know how.  We strive to create opportunities for culturally and/or artistically diverse individuals to create and perform together; and we actively reach out to diverse community groups through workshops, instructional master classes, presentations, mentoring and cultural exchanges. It is our wish to remain open to any possibility and to allow the unique relationships and intersections that form between artists and art forms be celebrated and central to our values.  Our work always culminates in live performance and celebrates the intangible alchemy of those unrepeatable moments when the public and the artists and their ideas finally meet.



Produced by Dreamwalker Dance Company

Someone Between August 3rd, 2017 – August 12th, 2017
Forgiveness February 15th, 2014 – March 1st, 2014

Current Staff

Andrea Nann Artistic Director
Jessa Agilo General Manager