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Someone Between ()

Produced by

Apsara Theatre Company and Dreamwalker Dance Company

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Chantria Tram
Director: Paula Wing


Factory Studio Theatre


August 3rd, 2017 – August 12th, 2017


Beginning with the story of her family’s escape from Cambodia, playwright and performer Chantria Tram chronicles her struggle to balance the traditional values of her Khmer parents with her own emerging beliefs. Someone Between is a humorous, emotional, and vulnerable contemplation of cultural adaptation, migration, and the place between who we are, who we were, and who we are becoming. (


Chantria Tram Performer

Creative Team

Chantria Tram Playwright
Paula Wing Director
Paula Wing Dramaturge
Andrea Nann Movement Director
Milena Buziak Original Staging
Alexandra Lord Set Designer
Alexandra Lord Costume Designer
Michelle Tracey Lighting Designer
Michelle Tracey Assistant Costume Designer
Michelle Tracey Assistant Set Designer


Corey Palmer Stage Manager
Garnet Willis Sound Location & Editor
Romina Julian Marketing & Outreach Intern