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Founded in 2006, and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2011, FIXT POINT is a professional theatre and media company.  Our goal is to engage with the community through the combination of site-specific performance, audio art, and digital story mapping in order to tell tales across multiple platforms that serve to preserve and promote local heritage and neighbourhood culture.




Produced by FIXT POINT

The Tale of a Town – Canada December 13th, 2017 – December 17th, 2017
The Four Corners September 29th, 2012 – September 29th, 2012
The Tale of a Town: Queen West September 14th, 2011 – October 9th, 2011
The Tale of a Town: Queen West May 1st, 2010 – May 16th, 2010
The Tale of a T-Shirt July 5th, 2007 – July 13th, 2007