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Sterling Theatre Company

Artistic Director: Angela Besharah

Artistic Director: Sophie Ann Rooney


Produced by Sterling Theatre Company

Crimes of the Heart April 15th, 2015 – May 2nd, 2015
Becky Shaw February 20th, 2015 – March 7th, 2015
Mrs. Warren’s Profession February 19th, 2014 – March 1st, 2014
The Lover January 14th, 2014 – January 25th, 2014
Where’s My Money? October 31st, 2013 – November 9th, 2013
By a Thread October 16th, 2013 – October 26th, 2013
Kuwaiti Moonshine October 16th, 2013 – October 26th, 2013
The Foursome September 18th, 2013 – September 28th, 2013

Current Staff

Angela Besharah Founding Artistic Director
Sophie Ann Rooney Founding Artistic Director
Caroline Millen Marketing & New Media Coordinator
Candice Mausner Publicist & Communications Coordinator
Alana Pancyr Resident Artist
Noah Davis Resident Artist
Kyle Labine Resident Artist