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Sulong Theatre Company

Artistic Director: Catherine Hernandez

General Manager: Renna Reddie

“Sulong” means “battle cry” in Filipino. For Sulong Theatre, our  battle cry is in the form of multidisciplinary experiences that shout, wail and scream
on behalf of brown women everywhere. Our mandate is to  produce theatre that is by and about women of colour.

This  affects the way in which we work, since this must be cognizant of the needs of women of colour: equal treatment, fair pay, and rehearsal and performance structure that is respectful to children and their caregivers – be they our audience members or our artistic team.



Produced by Sulong Theatre Company

Calpurnia January 14th, 2018 – February 4th, 2018
Eating With Lola January 6th, 2011 – January 16th, 2011
Future Folk February 24th, 2010 – March 13th, 2010

Current Staff

Catherine Hernandez Artistic Director
Renna Reddie General Manager