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Theatre Bassaris

Theatre Bassaris fosters emerging artists in an environment that promotes creative expression, artistic risk, and the collective learning experience of everyone involved.


Evolved from the York University theatre program in 2010, Theatre Bassaris is a constantly expanding network of emerging multi-faceted artists rooted in Toronto, Canada. Although, we have a strong focus on developing our own work, we also collaborate closely with other companies and artists to offer practical support, financial aid and consultation.


Our goal is to provide emerging artists with the means to produce their own work with an emphasis on immediacy and artistic risk. We are not only committed to working with theatre professionals, but with artists from all different disciplines to generate a strong community of talented up-and-comers.


Since our first production in February of 2010, we have enjoyed success in both the festival and ‘indie’ theatre circuits. Some of our company highlights include winning The Best of Fringe in 2012 and the York President’s Prize for play writing.


As we move forward, we are excited to assist in the development of the next generation of great Toronto artists.


Produced by Theatre Bassaris

Saved July 8th, 2011 – July 16th, 2011