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Saved ()

Produced by

Bound to Create Theatre and Eos Theatre and Theatre Bassaris

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Edward Bond


Factory Studio Theatre


July 8th, 2011 – July 16th, 2011


Saved, by Edward Bond, is a disturbingly violent and shockingly funny look at lower class British youth desensitized to sex and violence. Set at the height of rave culture and the cusp of our current era, amidst our media influenced society, this retelling of Bond’s modern classic reveals the timelessness and universality of the play that abolished censorship in England. (


Alex Carter Barry
Bryan Demore Len
Josh Dolphin Mike
Tina Fance Pam
John Illingworth Harry
Andrew Loder Pete
Jamie Maczko Fred
Shaina Silver-Baird Liz
Brenda Somers Mary

Creative Team

Edward Bond Playwright
Jack Grinhaus Director
Laura Storey Set Designer
Laura Storey Costume Designer
Owais Lightwala Lighting Designer
Owais Lightwala Projections
Samuel Sholdice Sound Designer


Emily Grindrod Stage Manager
Emily Grindrod Production Manager
Sarah Paul Poster Design
Sarah Paul Web Designer
Joe Bucci Photography