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Theatre of the Beat



Artistic Producer: Cedric Martin

Current staff listing:

Theatre of the Beat (TOTB) is a Canadian touring theatre company working to catalyze conversations on social justice and its intersection with the beliefs of the communities in which we find ourselves.

Since 2011, Theatre of the Beat has been staging change across North America (and recently The Netherlands) by creating original social justice theatre and workshops for underrepresented populations. Through an immersive cultural exchange of grassroots theatre, hospitality, and philosophy, the company empowers its audience to work towards a just future.



Produced by Theatre of the Beat

I Love You and it Hurts November 6th, 2023 – November 29th, 2023
Selah’s Song November 13th, 2022 – May 26th, 2023
#ChurchToo November 30th, 2018 – December 2nd, 2018
A Bicycle Built for Two July 3rd, 2014 – July 12th, 2014
This Prison or: He Came Through the Floor July 3rd, 2013 – July 13th, 2013

Current Staff

Cedric Martin Artistic Producer

Former staff

Johnny Wideman Artistic Director
Laura McCallum General Manager
Kimberlee Walker Education and Outreach
Lisa Alves Communications Manager
Billy Chandler General Manager (2016 - 2018)
Rebecca Steiner Communications (2018)