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Selah’s Song ()

Produced by

Theatre of the Beat

Playwright: Johnny Wideman
Music: Bryan Moyer Suderman
Director: Erin Brandenburg


Danforth Mennonite Church
Toronto United Mennonite Church


November 13th, 2022 – May 26th, 2023


Selah’s Song is an original, heartwarming musical written by Theatre of the Beat co-founder Johnny Wideman with music by beloved Mennonite musician Bryan Moyer Suderman. The musical tells the story of a young girl whose courage inspired a village, and whose song became an anthem for peace. Selah, a burgeoning songwriter, is excited to hear that her father is coming home from the war in West Candling. But, the joy of having her family reunited is short-lived when a harsh War Tax is started instead. Inundated with catchy pro-war propaganda songs, Selah is inspired to share her own music with the village, creating some competition for the King. (


Cedric Martin Guard
Christina Leonard Hocken Grabber / Colin / Blackstool / Featherfoot
Zach Parsons Father / Cowlick
Malia Rogers Selah / West Candling
Sara Jarvie-Clark Meer / Loopen Snatchem / Barry / Mac

Creative Team

Johnny Wideman Playwright
Bryan Moyer Suderman Music
Erin Brandenburg Director
Ian Garrett Lighting Designer
Ian Garrett Set Designer
Camila Farah Costume Designer


Cedric Martin Production Manager
Kristine White Puppet Maker
Kristine White Consultant
Ali Carroll Set Painter
Camila Farah Seamstress
Camila Farah Set Decorator
Cedric Martin Producer
Brendan Kinnon Associate Producer