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Vertical City

Co-Director: Bruce Barton

Co-Director: Pil Hansen

Vertical City Performance is an award-winning interdisciplinary performance hub lead by Co-Directors Bruce Barton and Pil Hansen, consisting of an evolving group of artists exploring the relationship between traditional theatrical performance and guided audience interaction. Drawing on a spectrum of approaches, including installation, spatial engineering, aerial movement, soundscape design, and intermediality, Vertical City works on a wide scale of proportions, from large architectural landscapes through immersive and/or participatory 1-2-1 encounters. All Vertical City projects perform a desire for intimacy – within the performance context and between the performance and its audience. (


Produced by Vertical City

Trace August 12th, 2014 – August 17th, 2014
YouTopia September 11th, 2013 – September 22nd, 2013

Current Staff

Bruce Barton Co-Director
Pil Hansen Co-Director