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New Ideas Festival

2008 New Ideas Festival – Week 1 ()

Produced by

New Ideas Festival

Playwright: Julia Lederer and Melissa Major and Brenda Somers and Colleen Osborn
Directors: Stefany Davies and Yevgeniya Falkovich and Pat McCarthy and Sandra Henderson


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


March 5th, 2008 – March 22nd, 2008


These four one-act plays were presented as part of week one of the 20th Annual New Ideas Festival 2008.

The New Ideas Festival is a juried, three-week festival of new writing, works-in-progress and experimental theatre, with a new program of plays each week. We have invited playwrights and other theatre artists to submit original one-act scripts or project outlines to the Alumnae Theatre Company for production March 5 – 22, 2008. Scripts have been chosen for either the fully-staged run during the week, or for one staged reading. (


Carol McLennan Mary (Frame)
Celeste Percy-Beauregard Laura (Frame)
Miranda Calderon Remmie (Even Burning)
Renée Hackett Nina (Even Burning)
Lindsay Empringham Elizabeth (Waxing Lyrical)
Jamie Arfin Squeaker (Here to Stay)
Benny Min Will / XTRMNTR (Here to Stay)
Marina Moreira Marcella (Here to Stay)
Steven Shreyberg Ben (Here to Stay)

Creative Team

Julia Lederer Playwright (Frame)
Melissa Major Playwright (Even Burning)
Brenda Somers Playwright (Waxing Lyrical)
Colleen Osborn Playwright (Here to Stay)
Stefany Davies Director (Frame)
Yevgeniya Falkovich Director (Even Burning)
Pat McCarthy Director (Waxing Lyrical)
Sandra Henderson Director (Here to Stay)
Marianne Miller Dramaturge (Here to Stay)


Katie Barnes Stage Manager (Frame, Waxing Lyrical)
Alex Baczynskyj Stage Manager (Even Burning)
Jessica M. Rose Stage Manager (Here to Stay)


Jamie Sample Technical Director
Alanna Stone Artistic Producer
Julie Florio Artistic Producer
Liz McDonnell Associate Producer
Margaret Spence Costume Consultant
Elana Goldfried Production Manager
Razie Brownstone Props Consultant
Tabitha Keast Publicity and Marketing
Tina McCulloch Publicity and Marketing
Julie Florio Rehearsal Coordinator
Liz McDonnell Programme Design