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30 People Watching ()

Produced by

Subtle Vigilance Collective

Playwrights: Nisha Ahuja and Amelia Sargisson
Director: Mark Cassidy


Aki Studio


October 25th, 2014 – November 8th, 2014


November 14, 1997, Victoria B.C. A South Asian teenager is swarmed and beaten by seven teenage girls and one teenage boy. A cigarette is burned into her forehead in the shape of a bindi. There are up to 30 witnesses. After the initial assault, a 16 year old boy and 15 year old girl take the victim under the Craigflower Bridge and commit a second fatal assault. A week later the body is found and arrests are made. Subtle Vigilance Collective tackles the disturbing implications of this Canadian murder. (


Nisha Ahuja Performer
Amelia Sargisson Performer

Creative Team

Nisha Ahuja Playwright
Amelia Sargisson Playwright
Mark Cassidy Director
Amanda Wong Set Designer
Amanda Wong Costume Designer
Amanda Wong Prop Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Nicholas Murray Composer
Geneal St. Clair Lighting Design Apprentice


Sarah O’Brien Stage Manager
Shawn Henry Production Manager
Viv Moore Movement Coach
Sedina Fiati Producer


Debbie Courchene Technician