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5 Guys Chillin’ ()

Produced by

Theatre Topikós

Playwright: Peter Darney
Director: Nick May


Kensington Hall


November 15th, 2017 – November 25th, 2017


With more gay men falling into addiction, and an increase in incidents of chemsex related crime, this taut, sexy and unflinching verbatim drama has never been more urgent. Woven together using the real words of real guys found on Grindr, 5 Guys Chillin’ is a state of the nation play addressing one of the most important public health crises of the 21st century. (


Nate Callens Performer
Mark Keller Performer
Alexander Plouffe Performer
Alan Shonfield Performer
Ahmed Muslimani Performer

Creative Team

Peter Darney Playwright
Nick May Director
Martin Whelan Production Designer


Maggie Lauzon Stage Manager
Nick May Producer
Martin Whelan Producer