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887 ()

Produced by

Ex Machina

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Robert Lepage
Director: Robert Lepage


Bluma Appel Theatre


April 7th, 2017 – April 16th, 2017


887 plunges audiences into the depths of the renowned director’s personal past: From his early years growing up in 1960s Quebec amidst the rise of the FLQ, Lepage constructs a life’s worth of stories, questioning the underlying mechanisms and relevance of certain memories. Why do we remember the phone number from our youth yet forget our current one? How does a childhood song withstand the test of time? Revealing the historical and social realities that shaped his own identity, and that of our country’s, 887 also invites us to reflect on the nature of personal and collective memory and the people and places that fade over time. (Show Press Release) 


Robert Lepage Performer

Creative Team

Robert Lepage Playwright
Robert Lepage Director
Robert Lepage Designer
Louisa Blair English Translation
Steve Blanchet Creative Direction and Design
Adèle Saint-Amand Assistant Director
Jean-Sébastien Côté Composer and Sound Designer
Laurent Routhier Lighting Designer
Felix Fradet-Faguy Image Designer
Sylvain DéCarie Associate Properties Designer
Jeanne Lapierre Associate Costume Designer


Marie-Pierre Gagne Production Manager
Paul Bourque Technical Director
Samuel Sauvageau Tour Manager
Olivier Bourque Technical Director - Touring
Nadia Bélanger Stage Manager
François Côté-Fortin Sound Manager
Stanislas Elie Video Manager
Elliot Gaudreau Lighting Manager
Nicolas Dostie Multimedia Integration
Isabel Poulin Costume and Properties Manager
Chloé Blanchet Head Stagehand
Catherine Guay Technical Consultant
Tobie Horswill Technical Consultant
Reda Guerinik Acting Consultant - Creative Process
Michel Bernatchez Producer
Vanessa Landry-Claverie Assistant Producer
Valérie Lambert Assistant Producer