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A City ()

Produced by

Necessary Angel Theatre Company

Playwright: Greg MacArthur
Director: Jennifer Tarver


Artscape Sandbox


March 14th, 2017 – April 2nd, 2017


Presented as a gallery installation or tableaux vivant, A City is an intimate, personal study of four artists/friends, who tell the story of a famous friend who died under mysterious circumstances, and how he transformed them. The story is revealed through direct address in a disarmingly casual atmosphere, as if the audience were eavesdropping on a personal conversation.

Based on the members of a real indie theatre company in Montreal (Sidemart Theatrical Grocery), A City is inspired by documented stories, recorded text, confessional monologues and fictional writing. An intimate, painfully funny testament to a time and place, it is about the end of a friendship and a shifting world. (


Cole Alvis Paddy
David Patrick Flemming Graham
Justin Goodhand Andrew
Amy Keating Gemma

Creative Team

Greg MacArthur Playwright
Jennifer Tarver Director
Andjelija Djuric Set Designer
Andjelija Djuric Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Susanna Hood Movement Coach


Elizabeth McDermott Stage Manager
Niki Poirier Production Manager
Rebecca Vandevelde Assistant Production Manager
Carla Ritchie Technical Director
Ivan Hamer Set Realization (LED Lights)
Andrew McAllister House Technician
William Rowe House Technician
Lucy Collingwood House Technician
Taylor Lindsay House Technician
Julian Bulof House Technician