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A Wake for Lost Time ()

Produced by

[elephants] Collective and Katzman Contemporary

Created by:

[elephants] Collective


Katzman Contemporary


April 22nd, 2017 – April 23rd, 2017


For the duration of the entire 24-hour wake, [elephants] collective will be performing their piece a wake for lost time. This is a play in an art gallery. The white cube becomes the black box. This is performance art with actors. This is a painting with human sweat and tears. This is a sculpture that moves. This is a ritual that encourages a negotiation from person to person at an atomic level (the only way we can move forward).

Friends, we live in interesting times indeed. We invite you to share a part or all of your day with us. Let’s slow down time because time no longer has meaning. We welcome you to come and break bread with us, share a toast, a story, a smoke. We encourage you to stop in before/during/after your morning jog, or at some point during your stroll with loved ones. Feel free to bring a blanket and spend the night. All are welcome to come and go as they please! This is [elephants’] wake. This is KATZMAN’S wake. This is your wake … (Show Facebook Event)


Jesse Byiers Performer
Nicole de Angelis Performer
Jessie Fraser Performer
Rebecca Hooton Performer
Erin Humphry Performer
Naomi Melvin Performer
Michael Reinhart Performer
Michela Sisti Performer

Creative Team

Jesse Byiers Creator
Nicole de Angelis Creator
Jessie Fraser Creator
Phoebe Hu Creator
Erin Humphry Creator
Thomas McKechnie Creator
Naomi Melvin Creator
Michael Reinhart Creator
Michela Sisti Creator
Nicole de Angelis Lighting Designer
Rebecca Hooton Lighting Designer
Montgomery Martin Projection Designer
Montgomery Martin Media Designer
Thomas McKechnie Dramaturge


Nicole de Angelis Stage Manager