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A Woman is a Secret ()

Produced by

Rip Jaw Productions and SideMart Theatrical Grocery and The Storefront Arts Initiative

Playwright: John Patrick Shanley
Director: Andrew Shaver


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


March 19th, 2015 – April 5th, 2015


A WOMAN IS A SECRET uses a cabaret-like structure to tell our story through both plays and old-fashioned love songs. This is playwright John Patrick Shanley at his most playful and idiosyncratic: Small town oracles who foretell the future, curses of desire and destruction, women haunted by the memory of those they have lost, and men tempted by the promise of those they might possess, Shanley’s newest collection is filled with the kind of soaring intensity and outlandish humour we have come to expect from this most romantic of American playwrights. (


Matthew Barber Maestro
Noah Reid Ricky
Karen Knox Pamela / Kasla
Anna Hardwick Blanche / Judy
Katie Swift Dewey
Jade Hassounne Mike
Molly Flood Sparkle
Trent Pardy Hank
Anand Rajaram Arthur
Jonathan Higgins Dennis
Tony Nappo Malcolm
Martha Burns Genevieve

Creative Team

John Patrick Shanley Playwright
Andrew Shaver Director
Paul Flicker Associate Director
Hanna Puley Set Designer
Hanna Puley Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Brian Kenny Sound Designer


Devon Potter Stage Manager
Brian Kenny Production Manager
Anna Hardwick Producer
Christopher Hayes Producer
Benjamin Blais Producer
Claire Burns Producer
Stacey Turner Producer
Jenn Perras Publicist
Mercedes de la Zerda Social Media
Caroline Toal Social Media
Jeff Mann Poster Design
Jeff Mann Photography
Monzur Uddin Website Design
John Gundy Photography