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Agency ()

Produced by

Yell Rebel

Playwright: Eva Barrie
Director: Megan Watson


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


November 10th, 2016 – November 20th, 2016


fter spending her life haunted by her father’s mysterious disappearance at the hands of the Stasi, Hannah finally has the opportunity to set the record straight: she finds the man who spied on her father. Demanding answers and getting far more than she bargained for, Hannah takes a trip into the past.

Set in present-day Berlin and 1980s Divided Berlin, Agency investigates the relationship between the communist vs. post-Wall generation while exploring intimacy in lonely human-beings.  (


Earl Pastko Thomas
Ben Sanders Peter
Eva Barrie Hannah

Creative Team

Eva Barrie Playwright
Megan Watson Director
Thomas Morgan Jones Dramaturge
Karyn McCallum Set Designer
Karyn McCallum Costume Designer
Mikael Kangas Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Echo Zhou 周芷會 Set and Costume Design Assistant
Steven Lafond Assistant Sound Designer
Siobhan Richardson Fight Choreographer


Théa Pel Stage Manager
Noah Spitzer Production Manager
Tamara Vuckovic Technical Director
Christo Graham Poster Design
John Gundy Poster Photography