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Amor De Cosmos: A Delusional Musical ()

Produced by

Joe Clark Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Book: Richard Kelly Kemick
Music: Lindsey Walker
Lyrics: Lindsey Walker
Director: Cody Porter


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


July 6th, 2023 – July 15th, 2023


A one-person musical about a man who was a thousand people:
journalist, politician; reformer, regressive; fearless, haunted; poetic, ballistic; visionary, hallucinatory; hero, villain…and villain again.

Written in iambic pentameter, this play depicts the infamous and astonishing life of British Columbia’s second premier and inaugural Member of Parliament. However, following his election to federal office, De Cosmos was declared legally insane and went on to haunt the taverns of Victoria before dying in bankrupt obscurity.

How did an iconoclastic reformer mutate into a conniving member of the political elite? Why do we so often become our own antagonists? (


Anton Gillis-Adelman Amor De Cosmos / Charles De Cosmos / William Witham / William Valentine / Brigham Young / Senators 1,2,3 / David William Higgins / Governor Douglas / JS Helmcken / Bailiff / George Anothony Walkem / Newsboy / Parliamentarian
Lindsey Walker Piano Player

Creative Team

Richard Kelly Kemick Book
Lindsey Walker Music
Lindsey Walker Lyrics
Cody Porter Director
Cody Porter Set Designer
Lindsey Walker Music Director
Lindsey Walker Special Effects


Richard Kelly Kemick Manager
Lindsey Walker Manager
Richard Kelly Kemick Collaborator
Lindsey Walker Collaborator