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An American in Paris ()

Produced by

Apples and Orange Studios and Ciaolo Productions and Elephant Eye Theatricals and Five Cent Productions and Pittsburgh CLO and Theatre du Chatelet and Triptyk Studios and Troika Entertainment

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Director: Christopher Wheeldon
Choreographer: Christopher Wheeldon
Music: Ira Gershwin
Lyrics: Ira Gershwin and George Gershwin and George Gershwin
Book: Craig Lucas


The Princess of Wales Theatre


March 27th, 2018 – April 29th, 2018


An American in Paris is the new musical about an American soldier, a mysterious French girl, and an indomitable European city, each yearning for a new beginning in the aftermath of war. (


McGee Maddox Jerry Mulligan
Kyle Robinson Jerry Mulligan (alternate) / Ensemble
Allison Walsh Lise Dassin
Deanna Doyle Lise Dassin (alternate) / Returning Soldier's Wife / Ensemble
Matthew Scott Adam Hochberg
Ben Michael Henri Baurel
Kirsten Scott Milo Davenport
Teri Hansen Madame Baurel
Scott Willis Monsieur Baurel / Store Manager / Ensemble
Kevin A. Cosculleula Returning Soldier / Lise's Ballet Partner / Ensemble / Understudy for Jerry Mulligan
Kyle Vaughn Mr. Z / Ensemble / Understudy for Adam Hochberg, Monsieur Baurel, Store Manager
Alison Ewing Olga / Ensemble / Understudy for Madame Baurel
Brianna Abruzzo Ensemble
Brittany Cioce Ensemble
Megan Dickinson Ensemble
Zak Edwards Ensemble / Understudy for Adam Hochberg
Lindsey Fletcher Ensemble
Brian Gephart Ensemble
Melissa Steadman Hart Ensemble / Understudy for Milo Davenport & Madame Baurel
Ben Lanham Ensemble / Understudy for Henri Baurel
Francis Lawrence Ensemble
Marna Lazzaretto Ensemble
Adrian Lee Ensemble
Charlotte O’Dowd Ensemble
Liz Schmitz Ensemble / Understudy for Milo Davenport
Ashlee Dupre Swing / Understudy fo Lise Dassin, Olga, Returning Soldier's Wife
Andrew Eckert Swing / Understudy for Mr. Z, Monsieur Baurel, Store Manager
Erika Hebron Swing / Understudy for Olga
Christopher M. Howard Swing / Understudy for Henri Baurel, Mr. Z, Monsieur Baurel, Returning Soldier, Store Manager, Lise's Ballet Partner
Laura Katherine Kaufman Swing / Understudy for Returning Soldier's Wife
Weston Krukow Swing / Understudy for Mr. Z, Returning Soldier, Lise's Ballet Partner
Nathalie Marrable Swing / Understudy for Olga
Kenneth Michael Murray Swing / Understudy for Returning Soldier, Lise's Ballet Partner
Sayiga Eugene Peabody Swing
Danielle Santos Swing / Understudy for Returning Soldier's Wife

Creative Team

Christopher Wheeldon Director
Christopher Wheeldon Choreographer
Ira Gershwin Music
Ira Gershwin Lyrics
George Gershwin Music
George Gershwin Lyrics
Craig Lucas Book
Jesse Warkentin Associate Music Director
Rob Fisher Musical Score Adaptation
David Andrews Rogers Music Director
Rob Fisher Music Arrangements
Bob Crowley Set Designer
Bob Crowley Costume Designer
Natasha Katz Lighting Designer
Jon Weston Sound Designer
Christopher Austin Orchestrations
Bill Elliott Orchestrations
Dontee Kiehn Associate Director
Dontee Kiehn Associate Choreographer
Sean Maurice Kelly Associate Choreographer
Sean Maurice Kelly Resident Director
Jeff Hinchee Assistant Scenic Designer
Amber McDonald Assistant Projection Designer
Jesse Geguzis Assistant Fight Director
Frank McCullough Associate Set Designer
Jaimie Todd Assistant Scenic Designer
Brad Peterson Associate Projection Designer
Lisa Zinni Associate Costume Designer
Josh Millican Associate Sound Designer
Amanda Jenks Assistant Costume Designer
Craig Stelzenmuller Associate Lighting Designer
Jon Goldman Assistant Lighting Designer
David Anzuelo Fight Director


David Andrews Rogers Conductor
Jesse Warkentin Keys III
Nancy Whelan Keys I / Piano
Henry Palkes Keys II
Janet Horne-Cozens Violin I
Xiao Grabke Violin II
Sharon Prater Cello
Nina Martini-Dorey Reed I
Andy Ballantyne Reed II
Sasha Boychouk Reed III
Sam Oatts Trumpet I
Mike Herriott Trumpet II / Flugelhorn
Doug Gibson Trombone
Nick Coulter Drums / Percussion
Nancy Whelan Rehearsal Pianist
Henry Palkes Rehearsal Pianist
Brigham Phillips Keyboard Substitute


Emily Grishman Music Preparation
Emily Grishman Music Copyist
Ashlee Dupre Dance Captain
Levon Ichkhanian Music Contractor
Christopher M. Howard Dance Captain
Rick Steiger Production Supervisor
Rob Fisher Musical Supervision
Todd Ellison Musical Supervision
Sam Davis Dance Arrangements
Donavan Dolan Production Stage Manager
J. Andrew Blevins Assistant Stage Manager
Anna K. Rains Assistant Stage Manager
Kathy Fabian Props Supervisor
Karen Berry General Manager
Stuart Oken Producer
Van Kaplan Producer
Roy Furman Producer
Stephanie P. McClelland Producer
Darren Bagert Producer
Carole L. Haber Producer
James L. Nederlander Producer
Michael Leavitt Producer
Simone Genatt Haft Producer
Marc Routh Producer
Spencer Ross Producer
Edward Walson Producer
Peter May Producer
Michael Strunsky Producer
Adam Zotovich Producer
Celia Atkin Producer
Gene Beard Producer
Julie Boardman Producer
Stuart Ditsky Producer
Suzanne Friedman Producer
Sandy Robertson Producer
Deborah Taylor Producer
Harriet Newman Leve Producer
Jane Dubin Producer
Sarahbeth Grossman Producer
Jennifer Isaacson Producer
Lun-Yun Chang Associate Producer
Ivy Zhong Associate Producer
Laura Dieli Production Manager
Rachel Hoffman Casting
Jackie Barrett Assistant to the Director
Ben Davies Model Builder
Adam Wiltshire Model Builder
James Stadnyk Model Builder
Kaitlyn Day Costume Assistant
Courtney Irizarry Costume Assistant
Kathy Fabian Production Properties Supervisor
John Estep Associate Props Supervisor
Samantha Shoffner Assistant Props Supervisor
Marc Polimeni Moving Light Programmer
Jeremy Lane Production Electrician
Preston Rounsaville Production Video Technician
Charlie Grieco Production Sound
Brad Peterson Projection Programmer
Jake Bell Technical Consultant
Stuart Andrews Keyboard Programmer
David Weiser Associate Keyboard Programmer
Christopher M. Howard Resident Dance Supervisor
Christopher M. Howard Fight Captain
Dominque Plaisant Voice Coach
Guillian Lane-Plescia Dialect Coach
Gretchen Burke Production Assistant
Michael Medina Production Assistant
Saori Yokoo Production Assistant
Missy Greenberg Personal Assistant to Mr. Oken
Elizabeth Roberts Personal Assistant to Mr. Kaplan
Eileen Williams Personal Assistant to Mr. Furman
Trina Hall Personal Assistant to Mr. Wheeldon
Joseph Spratt Head Carpenter
Chris Haugh Assistant Carpenter
Jennifer Day-Gottlieb Assistant Carpenter
Randy Paun Head of Properties
Jon Claeys Props Assistant
Michael Latocha Head Electrician
Jeremy Bolnick Assistant Electrician
Laura Choate Assistant Electrician
Brian Pearson Assistant Electrician
Chris Walters Head Audio
Sherie Farmer Assistant Audio
Renee Jones Head of Wardrobe
David Mucci Managing Director
Katherine Kraus Assistant Wardrobe Head
Patricia LaRocco Head of Hair
Matthew Murphy Production Photographer
Sarah Sisko Assistant Producer
Hannah Mirvish General Management Associate
David Mirvish Producer
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Ann Hascalovitz Production Administrator
Nathan Giles Production Manager
Scot Whitham Director of Production
Tristan Gough Videographer
Charles Chu Associate General Manager
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Brian Sewell Executive Producer


Ron Jacobson General Manager