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Armide ()

Produced by

Opera Atelier

Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
Librettist: Philippe Quinault
Director: Marshall Pynkoski


Elgin Theatre


April 14th, 2012 – April 21st, 2012


Masterpiece of the 17th century, Armide, is a tragedy in 5 acts that illustrates the clash of Christian and Islamic worlds through the story of the invincible knight Renaud and the Muslim war-princess Armide. Obsession, jealousy and magic form the pillars of this tragic love story. Armide is a psychological drama. Despite her virginity, Armide elicits a powerful fascination from men, eliminating their every instinct of aggression and evoking in them an irresistible sensual desire. Armide is safe from harm, since she has never known the pleasures of the flesh. Renaud’s own virginity is exemplary of his iron will that makes him immune to Armide’s charms. (


Colin Ainsworth Renaud
Peggy Kriha Dye Armide
Aaron Ferguson Chevalier Danois
Joao Fernandes Hidraot
Vasil Garvanliev Aronte
Carla Huhtanen Phenice / Lucinde
Olivier Laquerre Artemidore / Chevalier Ubalde
Meghan Lindsay Sidonie / Nymph des Eaux
Curtis Sullivan La Haine
Tyler Gledhill Dancer
Kevin Kong Dancer
Marie McDunnough Dancer
Lily McEvenue Dancer
Jeremy Nasmith Dancer
Jennifer Nichols Dancer
Phillip Payne Dancer
Jack Rennie Dancer
Julia Sedwick Dancer
Cynthia Smithers Dancer
Michael Spendlove Dancer
Adam L. Toth Dancer
Edward Tracz Dancer
Magdalena Vasko Dancer
Angel Wong Dancer
Jeanette Lajeunesse-Zingg Dancer
Jared Sullivan Supernumerary
Nicholas Sullivan Supernumerary
Brenda Enns Soprano
Ariel Harwood-Jones Soprano
Francine Labelle Soprano
Carrie Loring Soprano
Meghan Moore Soprano
Tannis Sprott Soprano
Susan Suchard Soprano
Charles Davidson Haute-contre
Valeria Kondrashov Haute-contre
Peter Mahon Haute-contre
Christina Stelmacovich Haute-contre
Richard Whittall Haute-contre
Bill Carr Tenor
Robert Kinar Tenor
Cory Knight Tenor
Will Johnson Tenor
Vasil Garvanliev Bass
Craig Morash Bass
John Pepper Bass
David Roth Bass
Dennis Zimmer Bass

Creative Team

Jean-Baptiste Lully Composer
Philippe Quinault Librettist
Marshall Pynkoski Director
Jeanne Lamon Music Director
Jeanette Lajeunesse-Zingg Choreographer
Gerard Gauci Set Designer
Dora Rust-D’Eye Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Jennifer Parr Fight Director
Madeline Ivalu Choir Director
Jeremy Nasmith Assistant Fight Directora
David Fallis Resident Music Director
Barbara Szablowski Makeup Design
Jack Rennie Operations Staff


Geneviève Gilardeau Solo Violin I
Cristina Zacharias Solo Violin II
Patricia Ahern Violin
Edwin Huizinga Violin
Aisslinn Nosky Violin
Julia Wedman Violin
Elly Winer Viola
Thomas Georgi Viola
Patrick G. Jordan Viola
Shannon Knights Viola
Stephen Marvin Viola
Christopher Verrette Viola
Felix Deak Viola de gamba
Allen Whear Violoncello
Margaret Gay Violoncello
Kerri McGonigle Violoncello
Rene Schiffer Violoncello
David Morris Basse de violon
Alison Melville Recorder
Colin Savage Recorder
John Abberger Oboe
Marco Cera Oboe
Stephen Bard Oboe
Dominic Teresi Bassoon
Keith Collins Bassoon
Ed Reifel Percussion
Lucas Harris Lute
Daniel Swenberg Lute
Charlotte Nediger Harpsichord
Olivier Fortin Harpsichord
David Fallis Conductor
Vicki St. Pierre Assistant Conductor


Arwen MacDonell Production Stage Manager
Charles Di Meglio French Diction Coach
Jessica Severin Assistant Stage Manager
Nan Shepherd Assistant Stage Manager
Evelyn Campbell Production Manager
Borys Medicky Repetiteur
Charlotte Nediger Repetiteur
Olivier Fortin Repetiteur
Nicole Myers Apprentice Stage Manager
Michael Legouffe Head of Wardrobe
Natasha Bean-Smith Tour Manager
Kyla Miller Production Assistant
Raha Javanfar Lighting Design Assistant
Elizabeth Bailey Scenic Artist
Richard Mongiat Scenic Artist
Jana Osterman Scenic Artist
Kelly Palmer Scenic Artist
Eva Kuo Scenic Artist
Jeff Churchill Cobbler
Lee Lanham Make-Up Assistant
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wig Mistress
Anna Bain Seamstress
Bruce Zinger Resident Photographer
John Kerr Videographer


Dana Johnston Production Manager
Derek Dresser Operations Manager
John Kolesnyk Operations Staff
Jeff Snow Operations Staff
Marc Washington Operations Staff
Grant Hawkins Production and Operations Assistant
B.D. Hillis Head Carpenter
Lars Tilander Head Electrician
Mark Fisher Head Propmaster