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Asheq: Ritual Music to Cure a Lover (A Prequel) ()

Produced by

OneLight Theatre

Playwright: Shahin Sayadi
Director: Shahin Sayadi


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


December 5th, 2018 – December 8th, 2018


Set in a small fishing village on the shores of Persian Gulf, Asheq: Ritual Music to Cure a Lover, is a story of forbidden love, a family divided by long-held secrets, and a community trying to find balance between traditional ways and the modern world. When a young man won’t listen to his elders, they prepare a Zar exorcism ceremony, intended to rid him of the “sickness” of his love for an outcast young woman, but the ceremony ultimately reveals a father’s long-buried secrets. (


Shahin Sayadi Performer
Shoorangiz Sayadi Film Performer
Khezr Dashti Film Performer
Zahra Zamzam Film Performer
Babak ahmadpoor Film Performer
Hosein Bagherian Film Performer
Shirin Azhdar Film Performer
Zahra Afisi Film Performer
Mahin Satar Film Performer
Mehdi Abdi Film Performer
Zoleikha Helalbeh Film Performer
Arash Khalafpoor Film Performer
Abbass Khwazak Film Performer
Hosein Ebnedohi Film Performer
Payam Shadniya Film Performer
Amin Salimi Film Performer
Ario Ansari Film Performer
Kaveh Zarei Film Performer
Masoud Kazerooni Film Performer
Mohsen Sharifian Film Performer

Creative Team

Shahin Sayadi Playwright
Shahin Sayadi Director
Shahin Sayadi Scenographer
Shahin Sayadi Set Designer
Mike Mader Lighting Designer
Shahin Sayadi Lighting Designer
Shahin Sayadi Projection Designer
Mike Mader Projection Designer
Nick Bottomley Projection Designer
Raeesa Lalani Sound Designer
Jake Dambergs Sound Designer
Shahin Sayadi Sound Designer
Shahin Sayadi Costumes
Shahin Sayadi Props
Shahin Sayadi Music Arrangements
Shahin Sayadi Videographer
Maggie Stewart Dramaturge
Karen Bassett Dramaturge
Sina Bathaie Additional Music - Selections from Ray of Hope Album


Jake Dambergs Props
Miya Turnbull Props
Raeesa Lalani Stage Manager
Mike Mader Technical Director
Raeesa Lalani Assistant Technical Director
Raeesa Lalani Tech Operator
Mike Mader Construction
Mike Mader Q-Lab Supervisor
Mike Mader Sound Installation
Mike Mader 3D Mapping
Raeesa Lalani Co-Producer
Maggie Stewart Co-Producer
Coleen MacPherson Toronto Co-Producer
Jake Dambergs Digital Technology Advisor
Nick Bottomley Projection Materials
Nick Bottomley Graphics and Animation
Ryan Neal Projection Materials
Ryan Neal Graphics and Animation
Payam Sayadi Poster Design
Shaun Alexander Poster Design