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Bad Acting Teachers

Bad Acting Teachers ()

Produced by

The Cabaret Company and The Global Cabaret Festival

Presented by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Sky Gilbert
Director: Sky Gilbert


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


April 26th, 2006 – May 7th, 2006


A young actor in search of good training visits three teachers who advertise private acting lessons – a Canadian B-Movie actor, a new age therapist, and a gay agent. Seeing each of the teachers separately, he is progressively assaulted, insulted and molested. (



Jefferson Guzman The Actor
Jason Cadieux Finn Gunn
Ann Holloway Ismene Popoff
Gavin Crawford Reginald Architruc

Creative Team

Sky Gilbert Playwright
Sky Gilbert Director
Steve Lucas Lighting
Sheree Tams Set Designer
Sheree Tams Costume Designer
Kevin Morris Assistant Director


Amber Archbell Stage Manager
Keith Cole Publicity
Ian Jarvis Poster Design
Michael Barker Graphic Designer
David Hawe Photography