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Gavin Crawford

Gavin Crawford

Performer, Playwright

Awards & Nominations

2015 Broadway World Award Winner:

Best Fringe Festival Breakout Performance – Male (Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me)


The Terrible Parents () Hector / Amy
Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me () Performer
Wand Portal () Guest Performer
Of a Monstrous Child: A Gaga Musical () Bjork / Cher / Camille Paglia / Marina Abramovic / Andy Warhol / Quentin Crisp
A Few Brittle Leaves () Viola Pie
The Situationists () Jacques
I Have AIDS! () Prodon
Bad Acting Teachers () Reginald Architruc


Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me () Playwright