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Birds Make Me Think About Freedom ()

Produced by

Sol Express

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Cheryl Zinyk and Victoria Freeman
Co-Writers: Victoria Freeman and Cheryl Zinyk
Director: Cheryl Zinyk


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


July 6th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018


Reflections on our humanity inspired by the stories of people institutionalized for having developmental disabilities, their families, and friends. (


Carling Barry Performer & Collaborator
Angela Blumberg Performer & Collaborator
Rachel Boardman Performer & Collaborator
Natalie Breton Performer & Collaborator
Madeleine Brown Performer & Collaborator
Carrie Hage Performer & Collaborator
Victoria Freeman Performer & Collaborator
Robert Gray Performer & Collaborator
Nicholas David Herd Performer & Collaborator
Nafiz Ismail Performer & Collaborator
Agnes Kenny Performer & Collaborator
Melissa Marshall Performer & Collaborator
Jamie-Lee Oshkabewisens Performer & CollaboratorPerformer & Collaborator
Irene Pollock Performer & Collaborator
Andreas Prinz Performer & CollaboratorPerformer & Collaborator

Creative Team

Cheryl Zinyk Project Co-Lead
Victoria Freeman Project Co-Lead
Victoria Freeman Co-Writer
Cheryl Zinyk Co-Writer
Cheryl Zinyk Director
Rachel Boardman Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Michael Liu Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Robert Gray Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Nicholas David Herd Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Nafiz Ismail Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Agnes Kenny Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Melissa Marshall Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Irene Pollock Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Andreas Prinz Sol Express Visual Artist & Collaborator
Matt Rawlins Assistant Director
Matt Rawlins Print Design
Matt Rawlins Videographer
Matt Rawlins Animator
David Rawlins Composer
Lieke van der Voort Composer
Angela Blumberg Choreographer
Elizabeth Langley Dance Dramaturge (2016) for Melissa Marshall & Victoria Freeman
Steafan Hanningan Lighting Designer
Ruth Howard Costume Designer
Marianne Alas Costumes and Textiles Coordinator
Ruth Howard Set Designer


Robert Gray Musician / Singer
Matt Rawlins Musican / Singer
David Rawlins Musician / Singer
Kevin Schmidt Musican / Singer
Lieke van der Voort Musician / Singer
Cheryl Zinyk Musician / Singer


Maya Findlay Stage Manager
Alida Minchella Assistant Stage Manager
Karis Jones-Pard Assistant Stage Manager
Katherine Duncanson Vocal Coach
Natalie Breton Acting Coach
Mala Naraine Audio Description - Cultural Consultant
Wayne Smith Audio Describer
Gus Mancini ASL Interpretation
Sage Willow ASL Interpretation
Rogue Benjamin ASL Interpretation
Mary Egan Tour Touch Table
Joe Egan Tour Touch Table
Paula Needham Tour Touch Table
Danielle Hieber Tour Touch Table
Michael Marshall Tour Touch Table
John Guido Tour Touch Table