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Blithe Spirit ()

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: Noël Coward
Director: Michael Blakemore


The Princess of Wales Theatre


February 11th, 2015 – March 15th, 2015


Researching for his new novel, Charles Condomine invites the implausible medium Madame Arcati to his house for a séance. While consumed in a trance, Madame Arcati unwittingly summons the ghost of Charles’ dead wife Elvira. Appearing only to Charles, Elvira soon makes a play to reclaim her husband, much to the chagrin of Charles’ new wife Ruth. Now if he wants his latest marriage to stand a GHOST of a chance, he’d better conjure up a solution quickly. One husband, two feuding wives and a whisper of mischief in the air – who will win in Coward’s unworldly comedy? (


Angela Lansbury Madame Arcati
Charles Edwards Charles Condomine
Jemima Rooper Elvira
Charlotte Parry Ruth
Simon Jones Dr. Bradman
Susan Louise O’Connor Edith
Sandra Shipley Mrs. Bradman / Standby Madame Arcati
Mark Capri Standby Charles, Dr. Bradman
Rebecca Dines Standby Ruth, Mrs. Bradman
Toni Smith Standby Edith, Elvira

Creative Team

Noël Coward Playwright
Michael Blakemore Director
Simon Higlett Designer
Mark Jonathan Lighting Designer
Ben Ringham Sound Designer
Max Ringham Sound Designer
Martin Pakledinaz Angela Lansbury's Costume Design
Jenny Eastop Associate Director
Bill Butler Associate Costume Designer
Buch Vu Associate Costume Designer
Paul Weimer Associate Scenic Designer
Jared Sayeg Associate Lighting Designer
Adam Povey Special Effects Designer
Chris Cronin Associate Sound Designer


Christine Ebersole Interlude Vocals


John M. Atherlay Production Stage Manager
Lora K. Powell Stage Manager
Will Cantler Casting
Gabrielle Dawes U.K. Casting Director
David R. Richards General Manager
Tamar Haimes General Manager
Jeffrey Richards Producer
Jeremy Frankel Producer
Steve Traxler Producer
Lee Dean Producer
John Frost Producer
Charles Diamond Producer
Will Trice Producer
Ken Davenport Producer
Kathleen K. Johnson Producer
Paul Huntley Angela Lansbury's Wigs
Genevieve Kersh Production Assistant
Lizzie Frankl Production Properties
Hector Guivas Production Carpenter
Mark Vlahos Production Electrician
Bruce Landon Yauger Production Sound
Chris Osborne Light Programmer
Clista Jarrett Head Props
Erica Benoit Assistant Props
Barbara Oleszczuk Wardrobe Supervisor
Mary Fleming Angela Lansbury's Dresser
Susan Gustaf Hair/Wig Supervisor
Tom Rhoads Special Assistant to Angela Lansbury
Joan Marcus Production Photographer


David Mirvish Producer
Ron Montgomery, Jr. Head Electrician
Tom Locke Head Carpenter
Chris Sinton Head of Flies
Sean Taylor Head of Properties
Pam Weston Head of Wardrobe
Chris Ibbetson Head of Wigs