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Bugzzz – A Cautionary Tale ()

Produced by

Out of the Box Productions

Creators: Gwen Dobie and William Mackwood
Director: Gwen Dobie


The Wychwood Theatre


May 31st, 2012 – June 10th, 2012


Imagine a possible future; insects rule the earth. On the crumbling steps of the Paris Opera House, a curious collective of bugzzz find a copy of Puccini’s Tosca. Enthralled by the mystical symbols, but bewildered by the emotions, they risk everything to find some value in the buried and forbidden human legacy.

Bugs were the first life form to crawl out of the primordial ‘soup of creation’ on to dry land. As humans continue to forge a path to what soon may become an uninhabitable planet, many believe insects will be last surviving life form. Their ability to adapt rapidly to climate change, and survive despite ever-diminishing resources, ensures they will be around long after the last mammal expires. (


Neema Bickersteth Flit (Firefly / Dragonfly)
Chris Karczmar Bott (Stink Bug / Dung Beetle)
Matthew Romantini Klik (Stick Bug / Praying Mantis)

Creative Team

Gwen Dobie Creator
William Mackwood Creator
Gwen Dobie Stage Director
William Mackwood Director of Design
Thomas Sandberg Composer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
Andrew McDowell Lighting Assistant
Andrew McDowell Projection Assistant
Alyssa Prigioniero Costume Design Assistant
Andrew Cleveland Costume Design Assistant


Alyksandra Ackerman Production Manager
Rochelle Grandmont Production Manager
Rochelle Grandmont Publicity Coordinator
Alyksandra Ackerman Publicity Coordinator
Jimmy Zhang Graphic Designer
George Degenkamp Digital Media Designer
Alanna McConnell Production Assistant
Alanna McConnell Dresser
Alyssa Prigioniero Hat Construction
Andrew Cleveland Costume Construction
Michelle Tracey Costume Construction Assistant
Amanda Wong Hat Construction
Leslie Norgate Flit's Hat Creator
Leslie Norgate Hat Consultant
JF Canuel LED Consultant
Reza Khanmalek LED Engineer
James McKernan Carpenter
Vincent Perri Scenic Painter
Christie Del Monte Projection Screen Sewer
Jimmy Zhang Poster Design
Lawrence Packer Entomologist Consultant
Amro Zayed Entomologist Consultant
Andrew Donini Entomologist Consultant