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Chekhov’s Shorts ()

Produced by

Guild Festival Theatre

Playwright: Anton Chekhov
Adapters: Helen Juvonen and Tyler J. Seguin
Director: Tyler J. Seguin


Guild Festival Theatre


August 18th, 2022 – August 28th, 2022


Guild Festival Theatre is excited to present a quartet of Anton Chekhov’s short comedies reimagined as a vaudeville style show.  (


Ada Balon Performer
Chris Vergara Performer
Stephanie Folkins Performer

Creative Team

Anton Chekhov Playwright
Helen Juvonen Adapter
Tyler J. Seguin Adapter
Tyler J. Seguin Director
Sare Thorpe Assistant Director
Kalina Popova Production Designer
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski Sound Designer
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski Composer
Stephanie Folkins Lyricist
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski Lyricist
Sarah Yuen Design Assistant
Alannah Dzijacky Design Assistant


Brianne Luke Stage Manager


Carolyn Anderson Technical Director
Jessica Haggeman Production Manager
Diana Martinez Barrera Assistant Production Manager
Kit Norman Assistant Technical Director
Tina Chu Production Assistant
Kiera Doerksen Smith Production Assistant
Mabel Wonnacott Production Assistant
Rose Donoghue Front of House Supervisor
Caroline Rodway Patron Services Manager