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Chocolate Woman Dreams The Milky Way

Chocolate Woman Dreams The Milky Way ()

Produced by

Chocolate Woman Collective

Presented by

Native Earth Performing Arts

Playwright: Monique Mojica
Directors: Jose A. Colman and Jill Carter


Aki Studio


January 31st, 2013 – February 3rd, 2013


Bring chocolate medicine into your life with the Chocolate Woman Collective’s latest creation: Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way. This critically acclaimed, innovative and ground-breaking theatrical performance uses stunning visual imagery and physical storytelling to take you on a trip down the rabbit-hole — Guna style! Experience the magical blend of creation, struggle and healing in a night of theatre that celebrates feminine forces from a distinctly indigenous perspective.

Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way layers the stories of a girl-soldier, a Daughter from the Stars, and Sky Woman Falling (First Woman) with re-tellings of cultural stories of the Grandmothers of Creation. The play weaves realities to create a daring, thought provoking performance. It is a dramatic narrative in a tapestry of creation, conflict and healing towards wholeness. (



Monique Mojica Performer
Gloria Miguel Elder / Master Actor

Creative Team

Monique Mojica Playwright
Jose A. Colman Director
Jill Carter Remount Director
Monique Mojica Artistic Director
Alberto Guevara Premier Assistant Director
Alberto Guevara Principal Spanish/English Translator
Marden Paniza Composer
Michel Charbonneau Sound Designer
Michel Charbonneau Lighting Designer
Oswaldo “Achu” de Leon Kantule Set Designer
Ric Knowles Dramaturge
Jose A. Colman Translator to Dulegaya
Jose A. Colman Cultural Consultant
Erika Iserhoff Textile and Costume Designer
Erika Iserhoff Co-Set Designer


Gia Nahmens Stage Manager
Gia Nahmens Producer