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Clouds Over T.O. ()

Produced by

Guild Festival Theatre

Playwright: Aristophanes
Translator: Christopher Kelk
Book: Sten Eirik
Lyrics: Sten Eirik
Music: David Buchbinder


Guild Festival Theatre


July 19th, 2012 – August 12th, 2012


Our adaptation shifts the action from ancient Athens to modern-day Toronto, capturing the new-fangled folly of our own era and thus allowing a modern audience to fully enjoy the satirical edge of an ancient comedian. The action takes place in modern-day Toronto with a range of musical styles from hip-hop and rap to country-&-western, whereas the ‘interventions’ by the Chorus are timeless, universal and evocative of the ancient Greek tradition. All of this, of course, is served up on the open-air Greek stage that is our home! (


Sam Moses Dr. B. S. Kroc
Adrian Gorrissen Fergus
Lesley Hibberd Cloud
Tsholo Khalema Cloud
Lauren Maykut Student / Cloud
Tyson Purdy-Smith First Student / Witness
Tyler J. Seguin Student / Ziggy-Zag, a way of reasoning / Second Creditor
Bryan Stanish Dooley, Fergus; Night Clerk / Student / Upstanding, a way of reasoning / First Creditor
Max Tepper Royce, Fergus' Son

Creative Team

Aristophanes Playwright
Christopher Kelk Translator
Sten Eirik Book
Sten Eirik Lyrics
David Buchbinder Original Songs and Music
Jane Johanson Choreographer
Bonnie Deakin Costume Designer
Amanda Gougeon Lighting Designer
Adam Sakiyama Music Director
Adam Sakiyama Music Arrangements
Adam Sakiyama Additional Lyrics
David Buchbinder Additional Lyrics
Michelle Jasek Scenic Designer
Deborah Ann Frankel Scenic Designer
Michelle Jasek Prop Designer
Deborah Ann Frankel Prop Designer
Kevin Laurette Audio Design
Chengyan Boon Lighting Assistant


Lauren Maykut Pianist


Kate Burns Stage Manager
Alice Ferreyra Assistant Stage Manager
Barbara Hartwick Head of Wardrobe
Kevin Laurette Audio Engineer
Deborah Ann Frankel Assistant Producer
Robert McClure Associate Producer
Nicole Hirtz Web Designer
Nicole Hirtz Graphic Designer
Stephanie Lelia House Programme Design
Chloe Poirier Event Management Assistant
Rachel Natalie Rawlins Poster Graphic