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Concord Floral ()

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Jordan Tannahill
Directors: Erin Brubacher and Cara Spooner


Bluma Appel Theatre


September 27th, 2016 – October 16th, 2016


Concord Floral is a one million-square-foot abandoned greenhouse and hangout for neighbourhood teens. When two friends stumble upon a terrible secret buried there, they go looking for answers and set off a chain of events that can’t be stopped. Told by an ensemble of teenage performers and set in contemporary Vaughan, Concord Floral¬†re-imagines Boccaccio’s medieval allegory The Decameron, in which ten teens must flee a mysterious plague they have brought upon themselves.¬†(


Madison Baines Fox
Theo Gallaro John Cabot
Ofa Gasesepe Rosa Mundi
Davinder Malhi Bobolink
Jovana Miladinovic Nearly Wild
Jessica Munk Bobbie
Franco Pang Just Joey
Mick Robertson Couch
Rashida Shaw Greenhouse
Melisa Sofi Forever Irene

Creative Team

Jordan Tannahill Playwright
Erin Brubacher Director
Cara Spooner Director
Erum Khan Assistant Director
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Christopher Willes Sound Designer


Christopher Willes Composer
Eleanor Hart Vocalist


Matthew Pencer Sound Consultant
Chad Dembski Stage Manager


Lee Milliken Director of Production
Billy Wolf Technical Director
Heather Landon Assistant Production Manager
Alanna McConnell Assistant Technical Director
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Ming Wong Head of Wardrobe
Mark Stedman Building Operations Manager
Caitlin Luxford Dresser