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Continuous City

Produced by

The Builders Association

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Director: Marianne Weems
Playwright: Harry Sinclair


Isabel Bader Theatre


June 11th, 2009 – June 13th, 2009


CONTINUOUS CITY is a meditation on how contemporary experiences of location and dislocation stretch us to the maximum as our “networked selves” occupy multiple locations. From Shanghai to Los Angeles, Toronto to Mexico City, CONTINUOUS CITY tells the story of a traveling father and his daughter at home tethered and transformed by speed, hypermodernity, and failing cell phones. The characters they interact with pursue their own transnational business, from an internet mogul exploiting networking across the developing world to a nanny who blogs humorous stories about the people and places within her universe.

The show also reaches directly into each city the production visits through a participatory website and on-site filming to create a global and local production. CONTINUOUS CITY is about people far from home, CONTINUOUS CITY is where we live now. (


Moe Angelos Deb
Rizwan Mirza J.V.
Caroline O’Neill Sam
Harry Sinclair Mike / Harry / Additional Characters
Nabil Mirza Mirza Family Chats
Rizwan Mirza Mirza Family Chats
Ariba Sultan Mirza Family Chats

Creative Team

Marianne Weems Director
Harry Sinclair Playwright
Dan Dobson Sound Designer
Peter Flaherty Video Designer
Jennifer Tipton Lighting Designer
James Gibbs Scenic Designer
Stewart Laing Scenic Designer
Neal Wilkinson Scenic Designer
James Gibbs Dramaturge
Joe Silovsky Technical Designer
Chantelle Norton Costume Designer
Jessica Chalmers Additional Dramaturgy


Dan Dobson Composer


Claire Hallereau Producer
Neal Wilkinson Production Manager
Josh Higgason Tour Technical Director
Ed Purver Video Associate
Laura Mroczkowski Lighting Associate
Tom Korder Technical Development
Kate Goodwin Stage Manager
Shosana Polanco Managing Director
Mathieu Borysevicz Shanghai Footage
Ed Purver Toronto Footage
Moe Angelos Deb's Blog Footage
James Gibbs Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tijuana Footage
Tammi O’Neill Final Blog Photos
Kim Whitener Executive Producer
Melissa Levin Production Coordinator
Clyde Wagner General Manager
Melissa Girotti Company Manager
Mitchell Marcus Associate Producer
Bob Mitchell Production Manager
Alison Neale Production Coordinator
Julian Sleath Production Manager